The uprising of live instrumental EDM Shows.

If your watching a DJ for the first time what do you see? Some person pressing a few buttons, dancing around and looking at a laptop screen for 2-3 hours. Its understandable how some people could see this as less of a live musical experience compared to going to see a band or vocal performance.

In the past few year’s electronic music has had a large increase in the amount of real time playing of instruments on stage. Artists like Keys n Krates, Violince, Black Tiger Sex Machine and Griz are setting the bar and bringing in a new age of live electronic performance by playing instruments such as the drums, piano , saxophone and violin.

Is this the next major step in electronic music? EDM has proven to be the new big thing and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With this rethinking of live electronic performance, were going to see fans given the opportunity to go and see artist’s actually perform their tracks as opposed to them pressing play on a pre-recorded track. Playing a live instrument not only shows the crowd your musical background and technical skill, it also brings a more realistic feel to the show and music.

There has been such a growth in the amount DJ’s recently that they’re a dime a dozen and not much differentiates them anymore. For a genre to survive it needs to have new idea’s. This may be one of the only directions live electronic music can go to stay fresh and interesting.

People wouldn’t have gone to a Beatles concert if the headline read “See the band press play on their recording!” I mean, would you?

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