Del Sol 2014 Summer Compilation *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Del Sol 2014 Summer Compilation

We present to you our first team effort — the Del Sol 2014 Summer Compilation!
This release is free to you for all of your support and love. Featuring tunes of all styles from artists located in Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Brandon, Lake Alfred, Flagstaff, and New Orleans.


This playlist contains 23 tracks, total time: 2.07.49

Dubstep: Inukshuk – Forever


Inukshuk is known for thier powerful melodies, and “Forever” is melodic dubstep at its finest.  It starts its flow with a capturing melody and embracing vocal snippets that flow really well into the the perfect dubstep drop.  Check out this free gem from Inukshuk and look out for their future releases.

Inukshuk on Soundcloud

Inukshuk on Facebook

Electro: Sandro Silva & Quintino- Epic (Just Fine & Atik Bootleg)


Sandro Silva and Quintino’s original electro house anthem “Epic” has reworked again by Just Fine & Atik. They’ve taken the festival anthem and have given it a proper modern Electro & Trap facelift. It starts with a catchy electro style rework, which is similar to the original and then rearrange the second drop into an ‘epic’ trap break. You can stream and download the song below, enjoy!



Beatwalker : Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Remix


Although Miley isn’t giving herself the best reputation, Beatwalker is by creating this Electro House mix of Wrecking Ball. This remix makes the song more bearable to listen to with its pulsing bass and progressive elements, making it more appealing to the EDM crowd, and well let’s face it, the rest of the world. This remix is available for free download and make sure to keep your ears open for future releases from this talented artist.