The new social media superstar.

In this day and age, it takes more than just good music to make a career.  Our current generation is constantly using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to express themselves and to stay in the loop with current media.

This new style of social media has changed the music industry.  Artist’s are now competing for “Page likes” and the amount of “Repost’s” they get to gauge their popularity instead of album sales.

Some are doing it better than others.  Artists like Dillon Francis for example , he’ll share a meme daily , post constant funny twitter status’s and engage his fans in any way possible .  A lot of the time these methods of engagement have nothing to do with music.  Deadmau5 is another good example with his constant twitter antics and arguments, he gets in with other members of the scene through these platforms.  One must ask, is he only doing this so people will talk about him on social media and raise his fan engagement? Either way, it’s working.

Artist’s can engage their audiences and connect with fans, announce shows and line-ups, post photos in real time and hold contests and giveaways all from the comfort of there smart-phone or laptop.  It’s the new age of music marketing.